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Pedestrian killed by city worker in hit-and-run crash

A Baltimore worker has been charged in a fatal hit-and-run accident after he allegedly struck a pedestrian with a city vehicle. The incident occurred on Aug. 15, and detectives are still working to determine exactly what happened. What is known is that the driver of the vehicle left the scene of the accident and failed to return.

After the fatal accident occurred, the investigators had to work to determine who struck the pedestrian. It was eventually determined that it was a Baltimore City Department of Public Works vacuum vehicle that hit the pedestrian. From there, it was determined that a 36-year-old man was the driver.

Take steps to protect your rights after a car accident

In our previous post, we discussed how the drunk driving fatality rate in Maryland is lower than the national rate. These fatal wrecks are only one small subset of the car accidents that occur in our state. With that in mind,you should be ready to protect your rights if you are ever involved in an accident. You can start at the scene of the accident if you are able to take certain steps.

One thing that you should do, as long as you aren't severely injured or in need of medical care, is to get contact information for people who might have seen the accident. This can help you if you decide to file a claim for compensation because the witnesses might corroborate your side of the story.

Drunk driving death rate is lower in Maryland than in the nation

People who live in Maryland have one advantage that some other states don't have — when they get on the roads, they are less likely to be killed in a drunk driving accident. The death rate for drunk driving accidents is lower in Maryland than the nation as a whole across both genders and all age groups except one. Overall, the death rate for all ages is 2.7 out of 100,000 people in Maryland and 3.3 people per 100,000 nationally.

The only group in Maryland with a higher death rate in collisions with drunken drivers than those elsewhere in the United States is those 20 years old and younger. The national death rate is 1.3 individuals per 100,000, and for that population in Maryland, the death rate is 1.6 people for every 100,000.

Road trip driving safety tips

There is nothing more exciting than taking to the open road on your way to a summer vacation destination. However, if you aren't careful, you could put yourself at risk of being involved in an accident.

There are many safety tips you can follow, including but not limited to:

What happens in a motorcycle accident?

As a motorcyclist, you hope you are never involved in an accident. If the worst happens, you could suffer a serious injury.

Since no two motorcycle accidents are the same, you never know what could happen if you are involved in a crash with another vehicle. Even so, you realize one thing to be true — you don't have much protection between you, the other vehicle and the road.

2015 was the deadliest year on American roads in years

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) released data on fatal motor vehicle accidents in 2015. The results were sobering. This year was the deadliest year for American drivers and passengers since 2008, when 37,423 people were killed. In 2015, 35,200 people died in all types of traffic accidents, a 7.7 percent increase from 2014. Certain kinds of traffic deaths increased at even higher rates. For instance:

  • Bicycle deaths increased 13%
  • Pedestrian deaths increased 10%
  • Motorcycle deaths increased 9%

The death rate on American roads increased to 1.12 deaths per 100 million miles travelled, a slight increase from 2014.

The many types of bone fractures

If you are involved in a car accident, there is always a chance that you could be injured. For example, bone fractures are common in car accidents, as your body may be hit with a lot of force. It is easy to believe that all bone fractures are the same; however, this is not the case. There are five common types of fractures, including:

-- Stable fracture. This is when the broken ends of the bone are slightly out of place.

What happens if a trucker drives drowsy?

As you make your way down the road, you will soon realize that many truckers are doing the same thing. But while you may be 100 percent alert, there is a chance that one of these people is drowsy and in need of some serious rest.

It is no secret that truck drivers are often on a tight deadline. They need to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Not only do they rush in order to meet deadlines, but they do so as a means of making more money.

Talking with passengers causes more accidents than phone use

As cellphones have become commonplace in the last 10 to 15 years, distracted driving has become an even bigger issue. Federal and state government agencies have devoted substantial resources to warn drivers of the dangers associated with texting while driving.

Clearly, texting, surfing the internet or otherwise using the phone is not recommended. Surprisingly, however, cellphone usage is not the main cause of distracted driving accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), the most common cause of distracted driving accidents is talking with other passengers.

Drunk driving is a top cause of car accidents

Imagine a world in which everybody on the road is 100 percent sober. If this was the case, the number of motor vehicle accidents would not be nearly as great. Unfortunately, despite the law and heavy policing by authorities, there are people who still feel that it's okay to drink and drive.

It only takes a single drunk driver to cause a serious accident that harms or kills one or more people. Mothers Against Drunk Driving hopes to put an end to driving under the influence. The organization shares a variety of statistics on this behavior, including the following:

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