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How new V2V technology could eliminate motorcycle accidents

Since the invention of the automobile, dedicated thinkers have been working on ways to make motor vehicles safer and more reliable. Basic safety features like seat belts and air bags are often taken for granted. But in the grand scheme of things, they have not been around for very long.

Automobile safety research now seems largely focused on preventing car accidents by designing vehicles that can compensate for the most dangerous and common road hazard: human error. Self-driving vehicles are not a practical reality just yet, but in the mean time, researchers are designing cars that can communicate with one another in order to reduce the risk of a crash.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication systems are currently being tested on a large scale by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Such devices promise to significantly reduce the number of preventable crashes by allowing vehicles to transmit/receive location and speed data at rates of 10 times per second. With this data, vehicles can actually warn their drivers of a potential crash beyond their immediate field of vision.

The use of V2V systems is especially promising when it comes to reducing motorcycle accidents. In many cases, motorcyclists are struck and killed by drivers of larger vehicles, either because other drivers didn’t see them or misjudged how far away the motorcyclist was. Left-turn accidents, rear-end collisions and other common scenarios could potentially be eliminated by this simple yet powerful technology.

Until or unless such technology becomes standard, motorcyclists will continue to face fatal risks every time they get out on the road. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by the negligence of another driver, please contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your rights and options.

Source: Ultimate Motorcycling, “Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Motorcycles?” Gary Ilminen, Jan. 6, 2015

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