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February 2015 Archives

Working to improve required safety technology in trucks

Automobile safety technology is becoming more sophisticated all the time. Breakthrough safety features are usually first offered as expensive extras in luxury vehicles, then eventually adopted more widely. If the features prove to be highly effective, they may someday be required as standard issue (seat belts and air bags, for instance).

Parents file wrongful death lawsuit after school bus hits child

As parents, we worry about our children whenever they are out of our sight. For some parents, even sending their children to school is an exercise in letting go. Because we want our kids to be safe, many parents across Maryland insist that their children ride the bus rather than walking or biking to and from school.

Fighting distracted driving through the use of virtual reality

Are you the parent of a teenager? If so, you have probably worried at least once about what they do (or will soon do) behind the wheel. As we have previously written, Maryland laws prohibit drivers from using handheld cellphones while driving, which obviously includes a ban on texting.

Are All Truck Drivers Subjected To Drug Testing?

When driving on the Maryland roadways, it is understandable for one to feel a little scared when driving by a large truck or 18-wheeler. These trucks are massive in size. It is normal for one to be a nervous when passing or driving in front of one of these trucks.

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