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April 2015 Archives

The unaffordable costs of drunk driving in Maryland

The internet has become America's go-to source for nearly every inquiry and curiosity (you are reading this blog online, after all). And because Google has emerged as the most popular search engine by far, statistics on Google searches can provide a glimpse into what Americans care about. You can seemingly tell a lot about a state by what its residents search for online.

The little-known link between truck speeds and tire failure

We have previously written that commercial truck accidents can have any number of causes, many of which may not be immediately clear in the aftermath of a given crash. That being said, there are several "usual suspects" when it comes to the causes of truck accidents, including driver fatigue and improperly maintained vehicles.

Why you need to wash the undercarriage of your vehicle

Motorists do not often spend a great deal of time thinking about the undercarriage of their vehicles. If a vehicle is in need of maintenance, the owner will likely get it fixed. If a vehicle is excessively dirty, they will likely get it washed. However, motorists do not generally pay much attention to the general upkeep of vehicle undercarriages as they are not often visible and do not require specific “fixes” in the ways that individual auto parts do.

Tire blowouts leading to fatal truck accidents

Concerns exist about the large number of fatal accidents involving tires on big-rig vehicles. Between 2009 and 2013, there were 223 fatalities reportedly related to heavy truck tires. Manufactures do not design most of these tires for travel of over 75 miles per hour. Still, there are 16 states with truck speed limits equal or exceeding 75 miles per hour. In fact, there are four states with speed limits of 80 miles per hour for trucks.

Should you consult an attorney before settling an accident claim?

After a significant and scary event like a car accident, you may feel the need to settle all related affairs as soon as possible. Maybe the insurance company's payment of your claim is lower than it should be, but they're willing to pay right away. Maybe the other driver involved offered to pay for the damage without a written agreement. Maybe you've already been approached about an out-of-court settlement by the at-fault driver's attorney or their insurance company.

New bill seeks increase in the NHTSA's funding and authority

Americans have always had a rather inconsistent relationship with government, especially the federal government. There are times when Americans complain that government has gotten too big and needs to be reined in. Critics decry the "nanny state" in which the government tries to protect us from ourselves.

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