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Hip fractures can occur if a motorcyclist is struck by a vehicle

Motor vehicle accidents can be very serious, but motorcycle accidents have some risks that aren't usually associated with other motor vehicle accidents. The risk of being slammed onto the ground in an accident, being crushed by a motorcycle and having a car plow right into your body without protection are some of the risks that motorcycle riders face. Those risks can lead to serious injuries, including hip fractures.

A hip fracture is usually the result of great force that is applied directly to the femur. The force can cause the thigh bone to break just below the ball that is in the hip socket. It can also cause fractures that are just below that point. In either case, the hip will likely have to be replaced or repaired.

Having a hip replaced or repaired requires you to have surgery. Once the surgery is done, you will not be able to put weight on your hip while the area heals. When the area is healed and you can put weight on it again, you will likely have to go through a lengthy rehabilitation program. As you can imagine, all of this can cost a considerable amount of money.

When the cost of treatment for a hip fracture comes at a time when your income has stopped or been reduced because you are unable to work, you might decide to seek compensation for your injuries. Learning how to pursue compensation can help you to plan your next steps. Because you are already coping with health and financial woes, a legal professional can offer advice and guidance at this phase of the matter.

Source: University of Chicago Medicine, "Hip Fracture," accessed Dec. 04, 2015

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