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Several points can affect truck accident injury claims

As we discussed in our previous blog, settlements are sometimes possible in truck accident injury cases. We understand that it is important to prepare your case for a trial just in case a fair settlement isn't reached. That is something that we consider especially important because there is never any guarantee that a settlement will be reached.

When you are injured in a truck accident, you can suffer from a host of injuries. In all likelihood, you had to seek medical care. In most cases, a trip to the emergency room is followed by visits to other doctors to monitor your healing process. All of those visits can be quite expensive, especially if your injures were extensive.

It is critical that we take all of the aspects of your injury into account when we are preparing your case. Injuries to the spinal cord or brain are likely going to require long-term rehabilitation and care. The need for care might extend past the final disposition of the claim for compensation. That shouldn't mean that you are stuck having to foot the bill for that care. Instead, we can consider not only your past and current medical bills, but also any potential future medical bills.

We also have to consider any money you may have lost if you were unable to work because of your injuries. Other damages might be possible depending on the circumstances of your case. We can help you to learn about all the options you have available for your case so you can make informed decisions at each step.

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