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Do car accidents cause post-traumatic stress disorder?

The list of injuries that could be caused in a car accident is nearly endless, but the most common ones are physical -- lacerations, broken bones, sprains and more. However, researchers have found that car accidents can and do cause post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a mental issue that can bring about things like:

-- Anxiety.-- Depression.-- Difficulty concentrating.-- Nightmares and flashbacks.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is commonly experienced by soldiers who return home from the war, but a study found that civilians experienced it most often after accidents. In fact, getting into an accident was said to be the most common traumatic event that 25 percent of men would ever face, ranking it as the most common such event in the country. It was second for women, with 13 percent.

On the whole, it's been found that a full 9 percent of those who are in crashes have PTSD. When looking just at those who ask for mental health care after the accident, roughly 60 percent have PTSD.

On top of that, some studies have shown that other anxiety disorders can accompany PTSD, as 27 percent of people admitted to these other disorders. Furthermore, a full 15 percent said that they had a phobia of driving, brought on by the fear of being involved in an accident again, which could make it impossible for them to drive in the future -- even after all physical ailments had healed.

It's important to consider PTSD along with these physical injuries when seeking compensation for auto injuries in Maryland. Drivers must know what disorders to consider and what legal steps to take to get compensation for medical care, lasting life changes and more.

Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, "Traumatic Stress and Motor Vehicle Accidents," Todd Buckley, accessed March 25, 2016

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