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Truckers need to be cautious in high winds

The wind has a way of picking up during the spring months. While this may not sound like a big deal, truck drivers need to take notice. When a trucker fails to slow down when the wind picks up, it can result in serious trouble, including an accident.

Along with reducing speed, there are several other steps truckers can take in strong winds:

-- Increase follow distance. It is never a good idea for a trucker to follow another vehicle closely. This is even more so the case when the wind picks up.

-- Pay attention to other weather patterns. High winds may be accompanied by rain, for example. This adds yet another challenge to driving safely.

-- Keep both hands on the wheel. This is something that all drivers should do at all times, but in high winds it is that much more important. If a gust hits a truck, it's important to be able to control the vehicle. This is easier to do with two hands on the wheel.

-- Know your load. The amount of weight in the trailer will have an impact on driving behavior.

Most truck drivers will do whatever it take to remain safe. They know that high winds can be dangerous, and for this reason they take extra caution. Unfortunately, there are always truckers who don't take this into consideration. They are in a hurry and have no intentions on changing their driving style because of the weather. When this happens, the chance of causing an accident that leads to injury is much greater.

Source: D&D Truck Sales and Service, "7 Safety Tips for Driving a Truck in High Wind," accessed March 29, 2016

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