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Are self-driving cars in our future? Not if drivers have anything to say about it.

In recent years, technology companies such as Google have invested many millions of dollars in creating and testing self-driving cars. The automotive company Tesla has also made significant investments in self-driving technology.

Proponents of self-driving cars say that commuting to and from work could be more productive, and that these cars would reduce traffic and accidents. Although these benefits are certainly possible depending on the technological advances, there is still one major hurdle before self-driving cars gain acceptance.

Very few people actually want a self-driving car.

Why are drivers hesitant to use self-driving technology?

According to a study from the University of Michigan, only 15.5% of drivers, or less than one in six drivers, actually want a self-driving car. The biggest concern was safety. The Michigan study found that two-thirds of drivers were very concerned to moderately concerned about the safety of a self-driving car.

While drivers showed little interest in a car that was completely self-driving, many did show interest in a car that was partially self-driving. In fact, nearly 40% of drivers expressed interest in a car that was partially self-driving.

While self-driving cars may be part of our future, they are not part of our present. Obviously, the technology will have to be perfected in order to limit the number of accidents. While human error and inattention are far and away the most common cause of automobile accidents, the fact is that self-driving vehicles are perceived by many to be less safe than cars operated by humans. This perception will be difficult to overcome. In short, self-driving cars will have to be much safer than cars driven by humans to gain acceptance in the marketplace. 

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Source: Self-driving cars? Nobody wants one. Yahoo! Finance, by Rick Newman, May 23, 2016

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