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Truckers must know how to contend with sun glare

Truck drivers have to contend with a variety of challenges on the road. One of the biggest is weather conditions, including sun glare.

This is not a problem that always comes into play, but truckers are on the road enough to realize that it will challenge them on a regular basis.

Truckers who know how to contend with sun glare never run into too many issues. Those who don't have a plan, however, could find themselves at greater risk of causing an accident.

Here are some of the many steps a trucker can take to help prevent an accident related to sun glare:

-- Wear polarized sunglasses.

-- Do not leave anything on the dashboard that could reflect the sunlight, making it even brighter.

-- Leave enough distance between other vehicles, as stopping times may be increased.

-- Keep your windshield as clean as possible, both the outside and inside.

-- Use lane markings to follow the road.

There are not too many situations in which road conditions are perfect. Truckers must know how to deal with anything that comes their way, as this helps reduce the risk of an accident.

Sun glare can be a problem at any time of the day, but especially when the sun is rising and setting.

As a passenger vehicle driver, you also need to contend with sun glare. At the same time, you have to pay attention to what others are doing, such as truck drivers. This can help you prevent a situation in which you are involved in an accident with a trucker.

Source: AAA, "Dangers of Driving Into Sun," accessed June 02, 2016

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