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September 2016 Archives

Alleged drunk driver causes fatal accident involving children

Driving while intoxicated isn't something that should ever be done. People who drink and drive put themselves, everyone in their vehicle and the occupants of other vehicles on the road in danger. A recent accident in West Baltimore shows how devastating drunk driving accidents can be.

You can help reduce car accident risks

While you can't stop other drivers from doing whatever they will on the road, you can take actions in your own car to reduce your risks of being involved in a car accident. The tips for doing so range from common sense measures to following best driving practices. The editors at Edmunds provide some information about how to reduce your accident risks.

What are some responses to a sudden loss?

The loss of any loved one can be sad and even tragic, but losing someone suddenly in a motor vehicle accident is very different than losing someone due to old age or a chronic condition. When you have time to prepare for the loss, then the response to grief is often more managed and sometimes even healthier.

What are some important motorcycle safety gear options?

When you think about personal motorcycle safety, you probably jump immediately to helmets, and for good reason. Helmets have been shown to decrease the rate of fatalities in motorcycle accidents, and they provide protection against brain injury, which can make a minor incident a severe one. We agree, helmets might be the most important piece of personal safety gear a motorcyclist can wear.

Firefighters' pickup involved in collision in Columbia

Howard County police investigators are trying to determine what caused the collision of multiple vehicles on Friday, Aug. 26, in Columbia. The accident involved a pickup truck owned and operated by the Howard County Fire and Rescue squad, as well as several civilian vehicles.

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