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You can help reduce car accident risks

While you can't stop other drivers from doing whatever they will on the road, you can take actions in your own car to reduce your risks of being involved in a car accident. The tips for doing so range from common sense measures to following best driving practices. The editors at Edmunds provide some information about how to reduce your accident risks.

First, keep yourself out of the fast lane on highways and freeways. The fast lane is usually the lane located to the far left, and it often leaves you with little in the way of exit strategy should an incident occur. The right lane -- or even the center lane -- is a better choice unless you are in the middle of a passing maneuver.

Second, always know where your blind spots are and know that they aren't the same in different vehicles. It's easy to forget you have a blind spot in certain vehicles that can hide an entire other car, which means you might switch lanes right into another vehicle. Awareness obviously doesn't end with your blind spot, either. Be aware of the roadway ahead of you and check your rear view mirror regularly so you are aware of other vehicles and any potential hazards on the road.

Edmunds also notes that on the road, you can sometimes judge a book by its cover. A neglected car could indicate that a driver is inattentive, though obviously this isn't always the case. Taking special care when driving around such cars won't hurt, though.

If you've done everything you can to drive carefully and defensively, and you are involved in an accident anyway, it can be angering. Take a minute to calm down and consider your options in such a situation, especially if you have serious injuries or damages. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help you understand what your options are for seeking compensation.

Source: Edmunds, "Top 10 Editors' Tips to Prevent a Car Accident," Caroline Pardilla, accessed Sep. 23, 2016

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