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Some cellphone use forbidden for truck drivers

It's not news to anyone that mobile devices in a vehicle can be dangerous, especially when they are being used inappropriately by the driver. Numerous states have cracked down on both texting while driving and handheld cellphone use while driving, but two federal agencies have also published some applicable rules specific to truck drivers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Hazardous Materials Safety Administration are prohibiting the use of handheld mobile phones by interstate truck drivers and drivers of buses and those hauling certain amounts of hazardous materials. Violators of these rules could face fines, negative impacts to their Safety Measurement System results or loss of driving qualifications.

The goal of the two agencies is to reduce distracted driving among commercial drivers, which remains a big danger on the roadway. A large percent of accidents involving big trucks or commercial vehicles can be attributed at least in part to distracted driving, and numerous campaigns from all types of agencies are trying to reduce these numbers.

Truckers aren't the only ones who can be distracted by gadgets in the vehicle. Any driver who is texting or using a handheld cellphone while driving could be putting oneself and those around him or her at risk. If you are involved in an accident that was caused by distracted driving on someone else's part, then you might have a case for compensation.

Proving that someone was distracted while driving can be difficult, and when you are dealing with a truck-related accident, you might be facing multiple defendants and their attorneys. Working with your own legal professional in Maryland is a good way to balance the scales a bit and boost the chances of a positive outcome.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, "Distracted Driving," accessed Oct. 14, 2016

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