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When you have a hard time quantifying your damages

After you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you will likely deal with insurance companies and claims processes. If someone else was liable for the accident, they might also be held liable for any financial damages that you experienced. Often, payment for those damages are provided by the other person's insurance company, but it can be difficult to ensure you receive a comparable payment to your injuries and damages.

Damages can include physical injuries to your body, physical damage to your property, lost wages and pain and suffering. The first three are easier to quantify than pain and suffering. The cost of physical injuries are usually calculated via your medical bills, and adjusters do follow some protocols when reviewing property for damage. Lost wages can be calculated based on how much you make and how much work time you lost to injuries.

While those things are easier to calculate, that doesn't mean an insurance company will pay them without a fight, which is one reason to have a legal professional on your side in a post-accident law suit. Another reason to work with a lawyer is to help you quantify your pain and suffering in a way that ensures optimal claim payout.

Our firm works with you to understand what happened in an accident and to help determine what type of toll the accident has taken on your entire life. We also work with the evidence in the case to create a strong argument for your claims so that they are more likely to succeed via the legal process. We can help you decide when and if a settlement is a good deal and present your case in front of a jury to maximize the chances of success if necessary.

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