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What common hazards can lead to motorcycle accidents?

Maryland residents who choose to ride motorcycles typically understand that riding comes with a degree of danger. However, many do not recognize the specific situations that can pose a threat to personal safety and lead to motorcycle accidents. Practicing caution is never a bad idea, but developing a deeper understanding about some of the most common road hazards can provide an extra measure of safety.

When you know the warning signs and the dangers to watch for, you will have a better chance of avoiding certain hazardous situations. You deserve praise for asking the right questions and seeking to expand your safety knowledge. Below you will find some answers to your questions.

Intersections: Cyclists at intersections are often exposed to many safety hazards at once. You should watch for vehicle blind spots, accumulated debris and the actions of other motorists anytime you are navigating an intersection.

Road conditions: Road conditions such as fresh gravel, potholes, sand or other debris can interfere with the stability of motorcycles and may cause an accident. Be cautious when riding through these kind of road conditions.

Vehicle blind spots: It can be hard to determine whether or not you are visible to other drivers. Car and truck mirrors cannot reveal to drivers every bit of space around their vehicles. If you are unsure, try to get past the vehicle or hang back to make sure the driver knows you're there.

Driver negligence: Remain vigilant about the conduct of other drivers as negligence, drunk or distracted driving and erratic behavior can all lead to motorcycle accidents. If you are struck by a negligence motor vehicle operator, consider consulting with an attorney about your legal options.

Source: Women Riders Now, "Top 5 Road Hazards for Motorcyclists," Tina Leman, accessed Dec. 08, 2016

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