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Some cellphone use forbidden for truck drivers

It's not news to anyone that mobile devices in a vehicle can be dangerous, especially when they are being used inappropriately by the driver. Numerous states have cracked down on both texting while driving and handheld cellphone use while driving, but two federal agencies have also published some applicable rules specific to truck drivers.

Firefighters' pickup involved in collision in Columbia

Howard County police investigators are trying to determine what caused the collision of multiple vehicles on Friday, Aug. 26, in Columbia. The accident involved a pickup truck owned and operated by the Howard County Fire and Rescue squad, as well as several civilian vehicles.

Do you know why truck accidents happen?

According to Ryder, there were more than 500,000 large truck and commercial vehicle accidents last year. While some truck drivers are well trained and willing to do whatever possible to avoid an accident, others are not. Instead, they take risks on the road and often cause trouble for other drivers.

Several points can affect truck accident injury claims

As we discussed in our previous blog, settlements are sometimes possible in truck accident injury cases. We understand that it is important to prepare your case for a trial just in case a fair settlement isn't reached. That is something that we consider especially important because there is never any guarantee that a settlement will be reached.

What is a structured settlement in a semi-truck accident case?

When you are hurt in an accident involving a semi-truck, you might decide to seek compensation for your injuries. Seeking compensation for a semi-truck accident means filing a civil lawsuit; however, many cases are settled before you end up having to go through a trial. Many truck accident cases are handled through structured settlements. If you're offered an initial settlement offer or a subsequent offer that involves a structured settlement, you should consider the pros and cons of this type of arrangement.

Truckers will have to move to electronic records instead of paper

Trucker fatigue is a factor that can lead to trucking accidents. In an effort to ensure that truckers are getting enough sleep, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set forth Hours of Operation regulations that detail the off-duty requirements for the trucking industry.

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